Dental prosthetics

Tooth root inlays

If the patient's tooth is severely damaged due to various tooth defects (caries, erosion, abrasion, dental trauma) and less than about 30% of the tooth tissue remains, a tooth root inlay is used to restore the damaged tooth. The root inlay is partially cemented to the root of the patient's tooth to provide a solid foundation for restoring the damaged tooth with a dental crown or dental bridge.

The process of fitting dental crowns

The process of making and installing dental crowns requires several visits to the dentist.

Description of the procedure:

  • The dentist removes the patient's dental impression and agrees on the type of crown to be made.
  • With special dental instruments, the damaged tooth is ground so that a temporary crown can be placed on it at first, but also a permanent one.
  • The dentist repeatedly removes the patient's dental impression and records the bite so that a permanent crown can be made in the dental laboratory.
  • The dentist makes a temporary crown of plastic on site. It is applied to the surface of the ground tooth with temporary cement.
  • At subsequent visits, the doctor first adjusts the permanent crown body and then the entire crown. When all the fittings have been successful and the necessary adjustments have been made, the crown is covered with glaze in the dental laboratory.
  • At the final visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown and attaches the permanent crown with permanent cement.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Porciāla plate 585.00 €
Total plate 585.00 €
Soft plate for 1 tooth 470.00 €
Soft partial plate 530.00 €
Arcuate denture with metal frame for the upper jaw 735.00 €
Arcuate denture with metal frame for the lower jaw 735.00 €
Arcuate denture with metal frame and attachments for the upper jaw 755.00 €
Arcuate denture with metal frame and attachments for the lower jaw 755.00 €
Zirconium crown 485.00 €
Metal-ceramic crown 390.00 €
Solid metal crown 215.00 €
Composite crown 235.00 €
Plastic crown 90.00 €
Ceramic onlay / overlay 485.00 €
Composite onlay / overlay 275.00 €
Inlay tabs 195.00 €
Temporary crown made in the clinic - 1 tooth 55.00 €
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 635.00 €
Zirconium crown on the implant 785.00 €
Individual tray 70.00 €
Denture repair no 55.00 €
E-MAX crown 485.00 €
Telescopic crown (two parts) 320.00 €
Telescopic ceramic-coated crown 505.00 €
Production of an individual tray 45.00 €
Veneer 595.00 €

In some cases, the price is determined individually.

*Preparation at the workplace €5.00 per visit

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