Dental hygiene

Description of the procedure:

An oral examination should be performed before starting the hygiene procedure, and in case of complaints, a specialized examination should also be performed. Then assess the amount of plaque and tartar, if it is very large, several sessions of the hygiene procedure may be needed.

A dental hygienist performs professional oral and dental hygiene. It is a preventive dental procedure, during which bacterial plaque and tartar on both sides of the gums and even the most difficult to reach are removed with special tools. The procedure is necessary to keep the oral cavity clean and healthy in the long run.
Although the main key to oral health is regular brushing and flossing, it is not always possible to remove all plaque at home, so it turns into tartar under the influence of saliva.

Description of the procedure:

    • If the patient has severe tartar, it is first removed with an ultrasonic scalpel. It is a mechanical tool that removes tartar above the gum line with ultrasonic vibration.
    • In order for oral and dental hygiene to be complete, each tooth must be cleaned with a hand tool, as this is the only way to access hard-to-reach places - inside and between the gums. Without it, oral hygiene is incomplete.
    • Once the tartar has been removed, the teeth are polished with a specialized paste, as well as carefully removed.
    • At the end of the procedure, the dental hygienist applies fluoride paste to restore the teeth 'natural defenses.
    • Patients are advised not to eat, drink or rinse their mouth at all one hour after oral hygiene, including non-colored beverages (red wine, juices) and foods such as beets.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Complete oral hygiene procedure with tartar and plaque removal, fluoridation 75.00 €
Full oral hygiene with soda jet 85.00 €
Incomplete oral hygiene with soda jet 55.00 €
ncomplete oral hygiene without soda jet 50.00 €
Treatment of a sensitive tooth neck with CERVITEC varnish - 1 tooth 8.00 €
Gingival pocket processing - 1 tooth 10.00 €
Skyce decoration on tooth 35.00 €
Removal of soft plaques 20.00 €
Deep fluoridation of full mouth 65.00 €
Deep fluoridation of full mouth for kids (from 2 till 18 years old) 45.00 €
Deep fluoridation of one tooth 7.00 €

In some cases, the price is determined individually.

*Preparation at the workplace €5.00 per visit

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