Teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening?

If the patient's teeth have lost their natural whiteness over time and become yellow or dark (for example, due to smoking or coffee), one of the most effective methods of improving the aesthetics of teeth is teeth whitening. It is a dental procedure, during which the dark tooth pigment is broken with the help of a special whitening gel, as a result of which the tone of the tooth enamel becomes significantly lighter. The patient can choose to have the teeth whitening procedure done at home, using special whitening trays, or during one visit to the dentist's office, where the patient's teeth are whitened using the photo-teeth whitening method.


  • The dentist isolates the patient's gums so that the gel does not come into contact with them.
  • A whitening gel is applied to the patient's teeth and the teeth are illuminated with a helio lamp.
  • Depending on the tone of the tooth enamel and the desired result (how much the patient wants to whiten the teeth), the whitening gel can be applied several times during the procedure.
  • As the protective layer of the tooth enamel (pelicus) is exposed during the teeth whitening, at the end of the procedure the patient's teeth are treated with a special preparation that fluoresces the teeth and reduces their sensitivity.
  • After the teeth whitening procedure, the patient should use toothpaste and rinse aid for sensitive teeth for at least two weeks to strengthen the protective layer of tooth enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Consultation with a specialist before bleaching. ~ 20 min (The price for the whitening procedure is reduced by this amount if the patient does the procedure in our clinic) 25.00 €
Teeth whitening tray 85.00 €

In some cases, the price is determined individually.

*Preparation at the workplace €5.00 per visit

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