Dental therapy at the dental clinic Samadanta

Therapy is the treatment of caries and erosion of the affected teeth, as well as traumatic injuries and their complications.

Description of the procedure

First, if necessary, dental anesthesia is performed to avoid pain.

Damaged tissue is mechanically removed with a rotating tool with a drill bit attached. Initially, a high-speed rotating tool or turbine is used to remove the damaged enamel. The next layer of dentin is softer than the enamel, so the damaged tissue continues to be removed in a more gentle way, using a slow-moving rotating tool - a micromotor. With this drill, the remaining damage is removed to the intact tissue so that the seal can be inserted and no new damage occurs in the future.

For deeper lesions, an additional liner is used to protect the tooth pulp from thermal and chemical damage. The bonding of the seal to the tooth is ensured by an adhesive, which is applied to the tooth cavity and treated with a special dental polymerization lamp. The cavity is then filled with sealant by curing it with a polymerisation lamp. Finally, the seal is sanded according to the bite and polished.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Temporary filling 40.00 €
Biologically active filling 55.00 €
Glass ionomer filling 50.00 €
Composite filling 80.00 €
Complete restoration of the crown part of the tooth made of composite material 95.00 €
Fiberglass pin 45.00 €
Aesthetic restoration of a tooth with composite material 145.00 €
Composite filling two surfaces 85.00 €
Composite filling three surfaces 90.00 €
Composite filling four surfaces 95.00 €
Optragate 10.00 €
Lining 5.00 €
Koferdams 10.00 €
Case of advanced caries 20.00 €
Direct or indirect pulp coating of caries profunde 50.00 €
Application of sealant to 1 tooth 25.00 €

In some cases, the price is determined individually.

*Preparation at the workplace €5.00 per visit

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