What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry whose job is to correct an incorrect tooth bite due to an incorrect jaw ratio or tooth growth characteristics. In orthodontic treatment, using special braces and orthodontic plates, the patient undergoes a bite correction to improve the functional and aesthetic properties of the teeth (smile). Orthodontic treatment is used when a patient has any of the following problems.

Orthodontic consultation:

Consultation with an orthodontist:

  1. The patient fills in a special medical questionnaire on site at the clinic, in which information about his / her health condition is open and accurate. It is very important that the specialist is aware of the patient's potential health problems and can plan an appropriate treatment process that is safe for the patient.
  2. In consultation with the patient, the orthodontist will find out if there are any complaints, possible health or dental problems that are of concern to the patient and should be corrected before starting orthodontic treatment.
  3. The orthodontist examines the patient's oral cavity, recording the condition of the dental health, as well as visually evaluates the existing bite problems.
  4. A dental panorama x-ray (orthopantomogram) is performed to more accurately determine the bite condition of the patient.
  5. Based on the information provided by the patient, the results of the dental examination and a panoramic image of the teeth, the orthodontist draws up a treatment plan that describes the process of orthodontic treatment.
  6. We send the treatment plan to the patient by e-mail within three days.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Consultation 45.00 €
Orthodontic treatment plan (includes: diagnostics; photo protocol; X-rays; presentation of the plan) 330.00 €
Additional adjustment tray (in case of tray loss or damage) 45.00 €
Retention or retaining mouthguard 95.00 €
Orthodontic treatment with transparent tray (aligners) 1200.00 € - 4000.00 €
EASY 1 one row of teeth 3 months 995.00 €
EASY 2 rows of both teeth 3 months 1230.00 €
LIGHT 1 single row of teeth 3-7 months 1630.00 €
LIGHT 2 both rows of teeth 3-7 months 2030.00 €
Medium both rows of teeth 7-11 months 2630.00 €
Complex both rows of teeth 3030.00 €
Metal braces (for one jaw) no 760.00 €
Sapphire Braces - Clear (for one jaw) from 900.00 €
Self-ligating braces - metallic (for one jaw) from 950.00 €
Braces arc changes or tightening (for one jaw) from 50.00 €
Braces arc changes or tightening (for both jaws) from 70.00 €
Fitting or removing a fixed retainer 110.00 €
Orthodontic apparatus 650.00 €
Myofunctional mouthguards 150.00 €
Place holder 300.00 €
Removing the bracket 200.00 €

In some cases, the price is determined individually.

*Preparation at the workplace €5.00 per visit

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