Konsultācija un diagnostika

Specialist consultation

The purpose of the consultation is not only to obtain the fullest possible information about the client's dental and oral health, but also to find out the client's wishes and feelings in order to make a decision about the next steps.

Drawing up a treatment plan

The treatment plan details the sequence of processes to be performed, the time intervals between them, and the exact cost of each manipulation.


If necessary, a 3D computed tomography, 3D X-ray or 3D panoramic X-ray is prescribed, which allows to see a single tooth, one jaw or both jaws, all teeth, part of the sinus and both joints of the lower jaw as a whole.

Price list of Samadanta dental services

Taking impressions from silicone or alginate and making diagnostic models 40.00 €
Preventive dental / oral examination (initial examination and patient card) 35.00 €
Treatment plan preparation 45.00 €
Dental X-ray 15.00 €
Orthopantomogram (OPG / 2D X-ray) 35.00 €
3D X-ray examination 55.00 €

Atsevišķos gadījumos cena tiek noteikta individuāli.

*Darba vietas sagatavošana katram apmeklējumam 5.00 €

Šī tīmekļa vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai nodrošinātu vislabāko pieredzi mūsu mājas lapā. Izmantojot mūsu vietni, jūs piekrītat sīkdatnēm. Uzzini vairāk