Free dentistry for children

The care of a child's oral cavity has been necessary since the birth. When several teeth have erupted, the teeth can be cleaned with an age-friendly soft toothbrush. Parents are responsible for their child's dental health in collaboration with dental professionals.

Free dentistry for children

Samadanta offers the following free dental services for children, paid from the state budget:

  • dental preventive examinations and dental treatment for children under 18 years of age. The dentist informs the parents which services are paid for by the state and which are paid services
    🦷 treatment
    🦷 hygiene

Why should a child visit a dentist?

Reasons why the child should see a dentist:

  • the dentist assesses the state of health of the teeth and oral cavity in order to start treatment in time;
  • child must keep his or her teeth intact, despite the fact that they will be replaced by permanent teeth;
  • the dentist evaluates the permanent process of tooth decay;
  • the child must learn to visit the dentist, regularly not just when pain occurs.

Why does a child need dental hygiene?

Reasons why a child should visit a dental hygienist:

  • professional dental hygiene avoids problems such as - caries, bleeding gums, bad breath and toothache;
  • the dental hygienist tells the child how to clean the teeth properly (how long to clean the teeth; how to clean the teeth; how to use dental floss, etc.);
  • the child gets acquainted with the dentist's office, its equipment, which will allow him to feel safer if it is necessary to visit the dentist and perform more complicated procedures;
  • the dental hygienist recommends the most suitable oral hygiene products individually;
  • the child is aware from an early age that he must take care of his teeth.

Take free care of your children's dental health

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