3D X-ray

How is the investigation done?

The image is obtained in specially equipped X-ray rooms with high-precision equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. A special computer program creates a high-resolution three-dimensional image in 1‒2 minutes. The doctor has the opportunity to look at the site in more detail in different ways: as a panoramic image, showing both jaws, all teeth, part of the sinuses and both mandibular joints at once; a three-dimensional rotatable image that allows the subject to be viewed from all sides; as a layered image - view each layer separately or view the layers sequentially, similar to time lapse technology, where the overall video consists of many separate snapshots, it allows the subject to be viewed from the inside, and it is possible to create layers at the required interval ( up to 0.125‒0.3 mm).


Advantages of Samadanta 3D X-ray:

  1. Convenience. The premises of the dental clinic Samadanta are equipped with everything you need and a unified data network is installed. The doctor has the opportunity to view the data, computed tomography and X-ray images immediately after their execution on the monitor screen in his office.
  2. Reliability. Modern digital technology produces a minimal dose of radiation that is comparable to the background radiation we receive on a daily basis, such as walking on a granite embankment or flying a passenger plane.
  3. Quality guarantee. The digital CT and X-ray equipment installed at the Samadanta clinic automatically adjusts and processes the image to more accurately identify the problem.
  4. Short image waiting time - about 15 minutes.

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